gamerer Hip Hop & Rap Pop

Circles – Post Malone

Difficulties Normal
263 120

Mapper: gamerer

Circles By Post Malone on a normal difficulty. Request of my dad.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (3)
  1. Gamererr says:

    i only made this so my dad could have fun. he couldnt find a version of this song that was easy enough for him to play. it may not be good but i tried. and it is my first mapping ever. you guys dont have to be complete dickheads and shit on it like this is supposed to be the best mapping it the world. fuck you all

  2. Gamererr says:

    i wasnt even at my house when that review was posted so i dont know how it got there

  3. Gamererr says:

    i workeed really hard on this and it is my first map. please stop being mean. also, i didnt write that review

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