Light Ai

DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING – Internet Bitch (P*Light Remix)

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
1200 74
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Mapper: Light Ai

God fucking damn it here we go A G A I N.
9th reupload in 2 days, 14th in total.
Thanks exunreal for telling me about issues.
@Sipza: “I like how the description of Internet Bitch is turning into a novel :dootSmile:”
reupload 239
Tysm teuflum for telling me about a mismap xD (IMAGINE MAKING 2 MISMAPS)
Thanks scrappy, shrado, vilawes, altrewin and skeelie for the mods, thanks fraies for checking offset kekw
Mapping by Light Ai, lights by ExUnReal. Mapped on request of Tootie

Nerfed Expert+ is the same as the regular Expert+ but with easier streams and a few stacks removed.

If you have feedback or just want to talk: Light Ai#3939 on discord.
im losing my sanity more every time

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