360 Degree

Everybody Wants You – Billy Squier

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This Map Rocks!!

All of TechButterfly's maps are amazing and he has surpassed himself with this one! This is such a great song choice and you can really tell how much Tech was feeling the song when he mapped it. The big, dramatic hits are so satisfying and this map  makes you rock out on all the difficulty levels!

The Expert Plus 360 is an awesome challenge with fast, interesting patterns that make you move. My favourite is the Expert 360 because it made me dance the most of all:)  All of the standard levels are so fun and dance-y too!

Also love the bombs and the custom colours! Thanks for another fantastic map, TechButterfly!

Mapper: techbutterfly

It’s time to ROCK! Get ready to rock out with Billy Squier’s 1982 hit, Everybody Wants You! I have always loved this song, and after spending a dozen hours mapping it, I still love it – that’s saying something!

This one was a blast to map! It was so much fun to map, that not only did I do the usual Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert Standard difficulties, I also did an Expert AND an Expert Plus 360. Pick your poison and get rockin’! I think you’ll find it’s a blast to play, too!

Big thanks to Maybeemae for the awesome and timely playtests! Thanks Mae!

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