BeezerB Dance

Bring Back The Summer – Rain Man

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
5 35

Mapper: BeezerB

Bring Back The Summer by Rain Man

This is my second map. See my first – One Thing (Grant Remix) by San Holo.

Expert – 1281 notes
– 31 Obstacles
Hard – 1169 Notes
– 30 Obstacles
Normal – 655 Notes
– 24 Obstacles
Has lighting

With this song i tried to make all difficulties have nearly the same number of notes, and just move them into easier places for the easier difficulties. I did this to prevent easier modes from being obnoxiously slow and boring. They play quick and smooth, just easier. And the harder they get the trickier the notes. Obviously normal to hard nearly doubles. That’s from some notes spamming in the drop that i added. Also i learned how to expand the walls and lengthen them, so the wall count isn’t inflated.

Please comment about what you think of this map.

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