Fink U Freeky – Die Antwoord

Difficulties Hard
1401 100
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Much like Die Antwoord themselves, there is something inherently likeable about this map, even if you're not quite sure you completely understand why and know deep down it ultimately isn't for you.

This map actually does a lot of things well - it's mostly very accurately on beat (and the few blocks that feel ever so slightly off are close enough to be forgivable), and the beat-mapper has obviously put a lot of thought into the readability of the map, which is an often overlooked element of even some of the better beat-maps out there.

However, I feel as though the pattern itself is simple to the point where it never really feels as exciting as it could potentially be - the map never asks you do to anything even slightly complex, and for the most part the map is just alternating or double strikes with very little variation, or anything that really gets you moving in exciting ways. I am far from an exceptional Beat Saber player and usually make at least 1 or 2 mistakes even in charts I feel like I am particularly great at, but this is a chart I can confidently FC every time - not because I am some elite player, but simply because it's so straightforward in it's pattern design.

It's a real shame because with a little refinement and a few additions, this could be a remarkably fun map - the song itself suits Beat Saber particularly well, and the level of craft that has gone into other elements of the map such as the readability are excellent.

I think the most straightforward change for this map would be to simply rebrand it as a 'Normal' difficulty rather than 'Hard', as at the moment there quite simply isn't enough complexity or nuance to the pattern design to really offer a significant challenge, and the pattern itself is too rote to stand out as an easy but fun play-through. Overall, your mileage may vary, so it's definitely worth a try, especially if you enjoy the song, but overall I think the map needs some added complexity in it's pattern to stand out as a must play

Mapper: sunuv

Hard. Event lighting. 130 BPM. Pure fun.

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