usugeman Vocaloid

[Touhou Vocal] – Honoo-UNKNOWN- [Ga1N]

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
23 85

This song was a good choice for a map, but the actual map feels like it was randomly generated

When I played through this song on hard, I was so confused. the notes were practically random and the placement didn't flow with anything. It had basically all the bad things, vision blocks, and awkward placement of notes. It truly felt like it was run through some auto placer then uploaded.

The expert difficulty did not save the song either. So many things were placed on the middle row, and it felt awkward to go from one note to the next. I would love if this map could be redone, because, the song choice is good, and if you adjusted some patterns, it would already be a decent map. The timing was fine and everything was on beat, but the patterns just didn't work.

Mapper: usugeman

Length: 3:44
BPM: 247
Normal / Hard /Expert
note: 688/772/824
No mines

Touhou Vocal
Original Title:U.N. Owen was her?
Arranged by Ga1N

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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