drop pop candy – Reol ft. Giga-P (+ Luka & Rin) [Std, 360 & 90]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Kolezan

Another song by the amazing duo Reol and Giga-P, drop pop candy entered Hall of Fame just seven days after release!

Expert+ guest difficulty by AaltopahWi! Everything else (Expert-Easy, 360, 90 and lighting) by me, Kolezan.

The Vocaloid song version with Megurine Luka and Kagamine Rin is also included!
To use this version do a file search in your Beat Saber_data/CustomLevels folder for “Reol_drop_pop_candy.egg”, open the folder which that file resides in, then rename “Reol_drop_pop_candy.egg” to “Reol_drop_pop_candy_Reol_and_Giga.egg”, and then rename “Reol_drop_pop_candy_Luka_and_Rin.egg” to “Reol_drop_pop_candy.egg”. Done!

Thanks to Maralade for pushing me to map this song sooner than later!

Map is a tad harder than average, mostly to keep up with all the interesting points in the song. Map also contains custom map colors based on the music video.

No map video preview.

BPM: 130
Duration: 3:44

== Standard mode: ==
NPS 1.36, 306 notes, 50 walls, 0 bombs

NPS 2.10, 470 notes, 16 walls, 0 bombs

NPS 2.86, 641 notes, 5 walls, 0 bombs

NPS 3.85, 863 notes, 5 walls, 0 bombs

Expert+ (by AaltopahWi):
NPS 4.61, 1035 notes, 7 walls, 0 bombs

== 360 degree mode: ==
NPS 3.89, 873 notes, 39 walls, 0 bombs

== 90 degree mode: ==
NPS 3.89, 873 notes, 38 walls, 0 bombs

Thanks to Sorukun, fruhead, Checkthepan and Helen Carnate for playtesting!


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Comments (3)
  1. Jack0f5pades says:

    This map looks totally great, and it was very considerate to include a second audio file for the people who like the other version of the song. Unfortunately, I can’t play it because whenever I try to install it, BMBF says it’s in an invalid format and can’t be installed. Still, great looking map! I just wish i could play it

    1. Kolezan says:

      Hello! I’m glad to see you are interested in playing mine and Altopahwi’s map,

      I tried loading the map both through the BMBF browser and through a PC to the BMBF upload page, and both ways work, so I can’t really figure out why it wouldn’t load for you. If you still have a problem go look for help in the BSMG Discord under the Quest help channel, they might be able to help you.

      1. Jack0f5pades says:

        Hey, sorry I missed this notification. I ended up using mediocre map assistant to generate a new .dat file with all the same information, and it works now for some reason. I’ve been playing the chart along with a few others I’ve been experimenting on with audio manipulation and I’m really enjoying it! Great chart

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