Saufen, morgens, mittags, abends – Ingo ohne Flamingo

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Teuflum

This map is a german collaboration by JohnnyDee, Trolav, Qwasyx and Teuflum (hey that’s me).
All the Standard difficulties are going for ranked, so reuploads may happen.
Thanks to Scrappy for the mod 🙂

Easy [Wasser] by JohnnyDee
Normal [Radler] and Hard [Pils] by Qwasyx
Expert [Weizen] by Trolav (0:00-0:32) and Teuflum (0:32-End)
Expert+ [Starkbier] by Trolav (0:00-1:03), Qwasyx (1:03-1:57), JohnnyDee (1:57-2:58) and Teuflum (2:58-End)

One Saber:
Expert+ [Schau Mama, Einhaendig!] by Qwasyx

No Arrows:
Expert [Doppelkorn] by Trolav

And last but not least, the amazing chroma lightshow has been done by Qwasyx.

Check all of their maps out here:

DM me your feedback on discord: Teuflum#5982

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Comments (2)
  1. PapBek says:

    I love this song on beatsaber, but somehow BeatSaber keeps having issues loading it. Meaning I have to redownload it almost every time, and hope it works then. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

    1. PapBek says:

      Actually. Redownloading does not work anymore either apparently. Now this song just will not load in beat saver for me!

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