One Small Thing – My Little Pony the Movie

Difficulties Easy Expert
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Fine tuned this for like 15 hours!

Expert Video (Starring me as Kizuna AI):

Includes an Easy Difficulty for kids who wanna play, since it is a My Little Pony song (With a slight bit of included challenge so kids/beginners will have fun with it too! Yes, I fine-tuned Easy mode too. :3)

And Expert Difficulty which I spent an unfortunately huge amount of hours fine-tuning to ensure this is my highest quality song I’ve created.

I designed this map to be poppy, dancey, and put you in a swingin’ mood. There’s no unfair obstacles, no unfair notes, no “600 circle-notes in a row that you just gotta wiggle your sabers on,” no wrist-breaking sudden direction changes; just fun, smooth flowing notes that make you feel good!

Hopefully it’ll get you shakin’ that flank and stompin’ them hooves.

For those who haven’t heard it before, I’m sure you’ll find that the song’s pretty catchy and reminiscent of ye olde Disney tunes. A real feel-good swingin’ big-band booty-shaker. 🙂

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Have fun and enjoy your Beating of Sabers! ^^


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