Omoi – Kiseki Saemo [ft. Hatsune Miku]

Difficulties Expert+
37 2
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Mapper: lemonade2000

Hello there! I hope you are having a good year so far.

Another song by Omoi, I thought it was a really good song with great lyrics so I decided to map it. You might want to search up the lyrics, it’s so positive 😀 I tried to map with some crossovers and horizontals, because I like them a lot. Hopefully no mismaps.

I hope you enjoy the song. Any suggestions, feedbacks, or just anything are welcomed to LemoNade#0001. So move forward!

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. CyMeryy says:

    I can read the notes just fine but the pattern is actual shit. The notes are all over the place and make no sense why they are like that most of the time. The beginning section is awful because the notes are basically all over the place and not in any actual pattern. Then there’s the section with the chorus where you basically seemed to just say, ‘fuck it, let’s see what’s funny’, it doesn’t make sense. In all across the whole level it doesn’t flow together well. Just if you map again don’t put the notes out like you did, research a few maps next time as it will help you learn.

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