Alien Invazion (K-NINE Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
50 5
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Mapper: Rayman9515

I fixed a mismap and added a few walls.

This is a side-project I’ve been working on for a surprisingly long time during the creation of the Panic at the Disco Pack: Volume 2. What started off as a simple collab went through a lot of twists and turns and spawned this fun and challenging song. This beatmap contains Expert+ standard and Expert+ 360 mode!

Credit is given where credit is due. Check out all of Pixelguy’s stuff! He lighted this song for me and for that I am extremely grateful. I love the lights he made and I think all of you will as well.

Last, but not least, I created a custom platform for this song (Pixelguy also walked me through the process. He’s really helped me with Beat Saber stuff)! I would’ve included the custom platform in the zip file, but due to 360 mode, this wasn’t possible. This custom platform is ONLY meant for Standard Expert+! If you decide to use the custom platform in Standard mode, you will have to disable the custom platforms mod when playing 360 mode. The mod will override the Glass Desert 360 mode environment with my custom platform if you do not.

Other than all of that, this song has been a blast to work on! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have!

Link to the “Alien” Custom Platform for Standard mode:

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