Dance Electronic Swing

Route 66 – Peggy Suave

Difficulties Hard Expert
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Mapper dj5quar3 says he mapped this for his grandma who loves Beat Saber, a very cool thing to do for your grandma. Even better if you do it well, and dj5quar3 has managed to do that too!

This map has two difficulties, For Grandma and Higher NJS, corresponding to Hard and Expert difficulties. The higher NJS (Note Jump Speed) map might reach the very lowest levels of Expert, though it would really only be because of the inflated NJS. With a lower NJS, the For Grandma difficulty should really be considered Normal. There's nothing at all wrong with the difficulty levels as the mapper has set them - I'm just setting the player's expectations on what this map has in store as far as challenge.

The notes are a little sparse on this map, with long gaps with no notes - though there are some walls to keep you company. Despite the dearth of notes at times, I've still curated this map - why is that? Because this map is not meant to be a wrist-snapping PP grind. Nope! This here map is for dancing!

Between the well-timed notes and the infectious electro swing beat, I guarantee you cannot play this map without moving your feet, your hips, and all the rest of you along with the music. And the flow is spot on, too, so you can just let yourself get lost in the beat of it all. It's a fun ride!

If there's one thing I wish this map had, it's a few more notes - a little more steak to go with the sizzle - but it's a blast as it is, because the catchy rhythm will keep you moving until the next set of blocks comes along!

Good job, dj5squar3! I look forward to what you come up with next. And your grandma's a lucky woman to have someone make a map just for her!

Mapper: dj5quar3

My Grandma LOVES beat saber and as a surprise I mapped her favorite Electro Swing Song. I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. dj5quar3 says:

    Thank you for the review Techbutterfly! Really Appreciate the feedback! Looking forward to a future review of any of my new maps!

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