Burn it Down – AWOLNATION

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Burn down those blocks with that lightsaber!

Burn it Down is a fantastically fun map with a great, danceable beat behind it. Freeek has done an incredible job with precise rhythm and placement of blocks, great patterns, great flow and great lighting.

Readability isn’t always Freeeks top priority and unfortunately, this one is no exception (sometimes readability trade offs have to be made for harder difficulties). Some of the issues arise in large clusters of up and down notes. Fortunately, the note clusters are fairly intuitive and you should be able to mostly predict them even if you can’t properly see them. If you're a fan of replaying maps until you memorize parts and FC them, then Freeeks maps will usually give you a nice challenge.

Freeek usually takes a more “precision” approach to mapping than some of Bennydabeast, Purphorus, or Rustic’s more flowing patterns, and you still feel some of that here, but it’s still a very danceable map. If you’re a fan at all of the song and you can work your way through tough readable sections, this is a map you don’t want to miss!

Mapper: Freeek

Expert, Hard, Normal and Easy charts! Full detailed lighting.

Expert FC Video:

Check out my other charts here: https://trello.com/b/asfLEO9X/freeek-beat-saber-customs

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  1. elliotttate says:

    Fixed! Thanks for letting us know!

  2. opt out says:

    Wrong download link (id 2970 should be 2971)

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