Nightmargin, Brotad(‘s remix) – On Little Cat Feet (The reworked version)

Difficulties Easy Hard
26 3
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Mapper: pixxlycube

The last of the eight maps. God this whole pack took me forever to get through. *collapses*.

It has Mapping extentions and Chroma lights. Trust me, it has chroma lights, the latest versions don’t have it yet. Lazy morons. If it loses its chroma after an update, I will probably go in and reupload the correct version with the lights (after writing an encyclopedia-length rant to the entire beatsaber community where I ask to get squeaksies or mediocremapper back).

No really mate, without your MediocreMapper, this would not have been possible.
Oh also.
Fuck the 2d editor.
Fuck that one.
And fuck all those who enforce its use.

There will be one last song at the end of the year. But for now holy shit I need a break. I am even surprised I could upload all of this without problems after ecountering the first issue with the shitpost.

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