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Numb – Linkin Park

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Reviewed Hard and Expert Difficulty:

Numb brings me back a few years and I was pleased to see that it’s a song that still holds up today. Downycat’s buttery smooth flowing patterns on the track let you flow through the song in a really fun way, letting you have a blast inside of one of Linkin Park’s biggest hits.

At first, my main critique of the song was that, as flowing as the patterns are, the blocks seem very contained in a small space and don’t have the players moving their body a lot. The second time I played through it, it dawned on me (whether this was a conscious mapping choice or not) that the tight containment of blocks gave off the feeling of being numb in a really interesting way. What I mean is that, if some of Bennydabeasts maps with flow AND very danceable patterns makes us feel alive, numb has flow but is a bit the opposite in every other way.

Anyway, except for wishing that a couple of the patterns emphasized dramatic parts of the song a little better, Numb is a fantastic map and one that you don't want to miss. Great flow, decent lighting, excellent rhythm all come together to make this a song you don’t want to miss if you’re a Linkin Park fan!

Mapper: DownyCat

Expert – Hard – Normal Charts
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