[KissOfLight] kamome sano – keep hopping

Difficulties Expert+
7 5

Mapper: kizuflux

32nd map and the finale for KissOfLight :>
I was planning to do a final boss song but nah I couldn’t (sorry dankrupt :c)

To all my friends in the community, to everyone that plays my maps, and to anyone who will play my maps:

I love you guys! :)) It means a lot to me whenever someone tells me that my maps are cool, and it has always motivated me to create more. Ever since the start, I’ve mostly been just trying to create new or challenging things out of the 4-by-3 playspace and the 8 directions, and although a lot of those creations didn’t really work out well, there were some that got commended by a lot of people, and those kinds of stuff never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Though all of this is true, unfortunately, I still get demotivated at times, and it has been growing worse as time goes, because I feel more and more powerless (in a mapping sense) as I couldn’t really get to make better maps anymore.

So I decided that this’ll be my last map for a long while (maybe even for good, hope not though). Well, I have been super inactive for a long while due to academics tbh, just throwing out a map every once in a while, and not even going online to chat with people anymore. But this one for sure will lead me to a clear hiatus XD.

Part of why I get demotivated in mapping is because I couldn’t test my maps myself. I loved asking feedback from streamers back then, but right now I feel like I have to be able to test them myself, since I’d spend hours just replaying and polishing a single map. So I’ll probably get back to mapping once I get my own VR set, which definitely won’t happen soon lul. So yeah, farewell XD. For the mean time, I’ll try to map in osu since I can testplay there. Beat Saber mapping has helped me develop my intuition on movement and aesthetics so I might be able to pass it on to osu. (Feel free to DM me or add me and shit, I have the same ign lol)

I love Beat Saber! <3

1/5 – Garigari Samushi – larva –
2/5 – cybermiso – FFT –
3/5 – Camellia – Exit This Earth's Atomosphere (Camellia's PLANETARY//200STEP Remix) –
4/5 – Frums – Pictured as Perfect –

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