Mapper: BlackBlazon

This map took me forever to make for around a total of 25 hours in the editor and over a month to finish. Lots of stuff had to be edited and reworked and the lighting needed to be chroma lit.

To top it all off i spent the last 2 or so hours going through and making a separate difficulty for maulers.

SO! I sincerely hope you all enjoy this map for what its worth. I love you all!

Lighter – Knowledge

He helped with the entire RGB lighting for the map.

(P.s This is my last map for a while so please if you guys really want to see more of my work i suggest you head over to and buy the game to enjoy maps that ive made on that platform.)

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Comments (2)
  1. Etwahl says:

    I tried to play it, but all the Play button are red..

    1. BlackBlazon says:

      Sorry for the late reply but you need Mapping Extensions in order to play wall map songs like this. Install the plugin through the newest mod installer available so far.

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