EOP Glacier

Hatsuki Yura – Nightmare -Overture-

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Mapper: EOP Glacier

# 14
Reupload #1:
Just realized after about a month of uploading it that I forgot to change the colors of 2 notes on hard. Must’ve fixed it then forgot to save and uploaded that. This time, I triple checked all difficulties for any more miss maps.

Original Description:
More of a v1.5 rather than a v2 because I used the instrumental version of Yami no kodomo tachi. Wanted to remap this because I didn’t like how I kind of rushed through charting Yami no kodomo tachi and copy/pasted 70% of the song.
Here are some changes I’ve made from the original:
1. Significantly less walls
2. Added all difficulties
3. No copy/paste patterns like the original

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