Japanese Speedcore

Kobaryo – Recollection

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert Expert+
1069 265
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Mapper: Muffn

Reupload #3, changed sliders to 1/4 notes

Reupload #2
Fixed stuff for ranking
Thank you very much for modding all diffs altrewin

Reupload #1
Added multiple diffs for rank (update, didnt like them too much so i didnt bothered with them anymore)
Added beautiful lights from ExUnReal, thank you sir.
Fixed stuff and made both drops less retarded in ex++.

Thanks Skeelie & Vilawes for the mods.

Im gonna try to rank this so please message me on discord if you have any concerns about this map.


Intro skip recommended cause first 30 secs are just the intro of the song which I didnt want to cut out since the song is so nice.

Lights by ExUnReal.

266 bpm Jump map on Ex++, other diffs are nerfed versions

Any feedback or suggestions very much appreciated on discord: muffn#2345

Thank you very much for testing DuhHello, Tobi & Ceddy

No thanks to gaelican.

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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