t+pazolite – Chrome VOX (Uncut Edition)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
62 18
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Mapper: FatBeanzoop

Expert+- Souks map but Inverted, he gave me permission. I in no way claim credit for this map other than flipping the notes around. I also just wanted inverted Chrome VOX to exist.

Expert- interesting vibro patterns, very intense for 205 bpm, some 3 stack vibros watch out lol. 6800+ notes, pretty much fully remapped Souk’s map but left some slower patterns and walls. I actually worked really hard on this one and am super happy with how it turned out, I used a lot of angled vibro from Mid’s maps as well as other vibro patterns I squeezed together.

Hard- duh hello wanted this to exist so it does, don’t play it

Thanks garlic hands, astwewwa and dumb hello for testing the inverted diff, can’t wait to cuddle you cuties in vrc later nini

If you want to give feedback on the map feel free to message me on discord @FatBeanzoop#0401

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