altrewin Japanese Metal

BABYMETAL – Distortion

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: altrewin

Upload #4 – We go again(again)[again]!

Huge thanks to Aithke, Pug, Scrappy, Redmagi, Yun0, Oddloop & Light Ai for their hard work helping me get this map in a rankable state (if this isn’t rankable this time oh my god what even)

In this version I’ve included a new Lawless difficulty that is a mix of V1/V2 Expert+
I’ve also decided to include the lights from previous versions as separate lightshows

Length: 3:06
Lighting: 6336

Normal (Warped): 735 Notes, 58 Bombs, 37 Walls, 14 NJS, -1.0 Offset
Hard (Twisted): 1100 Notes, 45 Bombs, 32 Walls, 17 NJS, 0.5 Offset
Expert (Distorted): 1555 Notes, 48 Bombs, 117 Walls, 19 NJS, 0 Offset
Expert+ (Mutilated): 2018 Notes, 25 Bombs, 44 Walls, 21 NJS, -0.2 Offset

Expert+ (Deformed): 1784 Notes, 25 Bombs, 47 Walls, 21 NJS, -0.2 Offset

Easy (Crooked): 7636 Lights
Normal (Gnarled): 10823 Lights
Hard (Askew): 4191 Lights
Expert (Tortured): 6336 Lights


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  1. Susi says:

    The song isn’t working, unfortunetaly. When I select it, it just loads and loads but I cannot play it. I’ve had this problem before because oft that lightshow feature and I solved by deleting some code from the info.dat, but it isn’t working in this case. Can someone tell me how to fix the song?

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