Megalovania – Camellia Remix (Kole Edit) [One saber]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Kolezan

I don’t know much about Undertale nor Camellia, but when making this shorter edit of Camellia’s remix of Megalovania by Toby Fox I felt like mapping it, and as with any popular song I’m gonna make it in One Saber instead since there can never be enough One Saber. I also asked Skeelie if he wanted to make some fancy lighting, just like he did for Overkill, and he did! So here it is, Megalovania Remix by Camellia, as One Saber!

ChromaLite mod recommended for best lighting effects.

No map preview video. (Yet?)

Lighting (by Skeelie) preview:

BPM: 259
Duration: 4:27
Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Expert+ difficulties:

NPS 1.32, 356 notes, 26 walls, 0 bombs

NPS 1.66, 446 notes, 29 walls, 17 bombs

NPS 2.12, 568 notes, 30 walls, 53 bombs

NPS 3.34, 895 notes, 25 walls, 51 bombs

NPS 4.65, 1247 notes, 20 walls, 48 bombs

Thanks to Redmagi and Skeelie for playtesting!


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Comments (4)
  1. jacksondawg25 says:

    Nevermind my previous comment, i just found the left-handed feature

  2. jacksondawg25 says:

    Do you think you could make a left hand version of each of the difficulties? I kinda want to to use this song as an arm workout.

  3. Handman says:

    Thank you for making a pleasant sheet of map!

    A sheet of music fitted map very much and
    was really fun!

    I made a lot of mistakes
    It was really fun:D

  4. xilentjay says:


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