Trock Pop Rock

Friction – Imagine Dragons

Difficulties Expert
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This may be trockenmatt’s first map, but he set the bar VERY high for maps that follow (which I’ll be looking forward to!).

It’s not that the patterns are particularly unique, or the “expert” difficulty will bring you much of a challenge if you’re at that level, it’s that his precision of rhythm and polish in this level AND THE LIGHTS bring this song to life in a fantastic way.

Wow, what an example of matching the song with the lighting. I’m not sure that I’ve seen lighting so perfectly able to reflect a song as what was pulled off here.

The song has a lot of “building” without block hitting, so it’s a good thing a lot of things come together for the experience.

Not everyone will like this song as it is “half challenge” “half experience map.” If you’re a fan of the song though, you’re in for a treat!

Mapper: Trock


This is my first beatmap! It’s meant to be fun, not difficult. Play-through here:


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