6:24 – Danger

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
1435 40
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Mapper: Checkthepan

Amazing song from Danger, this heavy beat will have you moving, dodging, and fighting as if locked in a boss fight yourself. Loaded up with a hefty serving of bombs and chroma lights.

Difficulties (Redmagi Difficulty Scale):

Expert+ 11
Expert 9
Hard 6
Normal 4
Easy 2


Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (6)
  1. ApocalypticBooba says:

    One of the best maps and music made by checkdapan super nice dude. Can feel the love for it.

  2. Ryavrei says:

    Got it to work again after completely uninstalling the game, deleting the game folder, and reinstalling.

    If you want to do that too, don’t forget to copy out your CustomLevels folder.

  3. DudeTheRealOne says:

    doesn’t work

    1. Ryavrei says:

      Stopped working after the 1.6 update. Hoping some mod somewhere just needs to be updated for it to work again.

  4. Monzy says:

    This song won’t load for me

    1. Monzy says:

      I downloaded the zip file and extracted to the custom levels folder. I patched the game through beatdrop

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