Born to Survive (Volpe & Wooli remix) – Zomboy [5-lane]

Difficulties Easy Expert+
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Mapper: joshwcomeau

This map is fun 😀

It uses ~5 lanes~, which opens up a whole bunch of possibilities. I explore some of those patterns in this map, which is meant to be a solid workout.

The song, the Ray Volpe & Wooli remix of Zomboy’s Born to Survive, is really special because it features so much diversity; there’s atmospheric chill-out sections, 80s breaks, garbage dubstep, and tight psytrance. The song is normally about 5 minutes long but I’ve trimmed it down to 2:30, and the result is a map with no boring repetition, no copy/paste.

WARNING: Features strobing lights. Also, some of the patterns require a bit of a stretch, especially for folks with shorter arms. Please be careful / don’t over-reach!

I worked really hard on this one, hope you like it!

Genre: Dubstep / Psytrance / 80s
Difficulty: Solid Ex+, pretty tricky
BPM: 150
Notes Per Second: 5.1 average, peaks around 9
Note Jump Speed: 18
Mods required: Mapping Extensions

Special thanks to Kival Evan for the test play!

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