Everything – Said the Sky

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
981 29
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Mapper: SkylerWallace

140 BPM – 2:07 Duration

Easy – 130 notes (1.02 NPS)
Normal – 182 notes (1.43 NPS)
Hard – 265 notes (2.08 NPS)
Expert – 342 notes (2.69 NPS)

Lightshow – 3637 walls, 1016 bombs, 952 lighting events

One Saber:
Expert – 320 notes (2.51 NPS)


Requires the Mapping Extensions mod

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (4)
  1. colddreamer says:

    Thank you so much for this map. Wonderful visuals and out of the box thinking on this one. Appreciate your time and what you do!

  2. 샤나DancingShana says:

    It’s a beautiful map. But if you don’t mind, this map is so beautiful. Can I use the laser wall, which comes out in 50 to 54 seconds? I will never upload the map to beatsaver after I use this wall. I’d like to use that part on the map of the song that I want to make personally and on my own. I’d like to decorate it beautifully. I will never UPLOAD. And I’m not going to give the song to anyone. I’ll use it alone. I ask a favor of you. I really want to use the razer part, which is short for about 4 seconds, because it’s so beautiful. In a short time of four seconds, I salute you for your dedication.

  3. pixel says:

    Which Mods do you need for this map?

    1. SkylerWallace says:

      Mapping Extensions

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