A must play experience for every being in creation...

Heisenberg certainly surprised me with this one. Most of his maps have easter eggs in them that will have you giggling if you stop and take the time to look. If you don't take a moment though... you'll just get through the map and vow to never play it again. And I'm sad to say I was once a plebian who did as such.

With this most amazing work of art, Heisenberg has crafted a glorious experience. There are no easter eggs here. The entire map is a most wondrous treasure beyond comparison. You will feel like a god, and life's energy will flow through you as you experience creation as it was meant to be.

The lighting transports you to another dimension beyond your feeble human comprehension. The music reverberates throughout your body as the song beckons you into a trance. The patterns of notes light a fire deep within as you execute powerful motions that ripple across eternity. I could go on with my explanation, but I am sadly just a mere mortal. There is only one possibility that makes sense to me.

Heisenberg is a god.

Mapper: Heisenbergirl

My biggest project yet!
Comes with Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert levels that should fit most skill levels!
Thanks to TehSuperToilet, Altana and Readyplayervause for playtesting during birth of the chart!
Any feedback is welcome! Let me know issues or what you liked 🙂

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