hammy3502 Pop

Lucid Dream – Owl City

Difficulties Expert
6 39

Nice rhythm and flow

Loved the walls placement, and the peeking-through-the-window bombs followed by the downward slash. Also loved how the walls and bombs go together towards the end. I like Owl City and appreciate it being mapped.

However, there were blocks that were half-into the 'ceilings' that I think could just be presented as whole.

Bombs were very hard to see at times due to the lighting and that makes the experience even more dull for someone who cares about their combo on their first (and possibly ever) attempt. There were also bombs 'attached' to blocks which arrows go OUTWARDS, not towards the bombs, and that kind of ruined the fun for me.

All in all, it was done pretty well considering it's the first for the mapper.

Mapper: hammy3502

My very first song. I hope you enjoy!

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Level Quality0
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