cpn Dubstep Electronic

The Upside Down

Difficulties Expert
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This chart is extremely unique and not in a bad way! It is a really enjoyable experience overall, and a good example of what kind of interesting things can be done in charts without making them overly difficult.

Overall this chart is mapped well. The only things that really stand out to me as somewhat awkward are the notes right before the first wall; they feel rushed in a way, and the wall ends up blocking the visibility of one blue note right after it that is placed on the far right bottom row.  The start of the song also has some red notes that pop up on the right a bit suddenly that may catch you off guard and feel a small bit strange. More towards the end of the song, there is two upward diagonal notes that may cause you to hit your controllers together if you aren't careful or if you are running the song for the first time.  In my opinion, this chart takes a bit more practice than average to get used to the patterns on, which isn't necessarily a bad thing; just something worth noting!

It is still 100% worth downloading though; trust me! Like I said above, this chart utilizes a super unique and fun pattern that I absolutely love and I think you will, too.

Mapper: cpn

Fun little dubstep chart, enjoy.

Expert only.

Special thanks to A Pervy Sage from the modding discord for helping me out & playtesting.

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