Turbulence (TF2 BOUNTY)

Difficulties Expert+
18 7

Mapper: Wh4t

if someone beats this and they play tf2, i will give them 2-3 keys within a week of me purchasing them
the amount of keys is depending on the score they got for for example: if they get lower than a 68, i will give them 2 keys. if they get above 68, i will give them 3 keys. if they get an S, i will give them 5 keys (but this will take longer to receive.) NOTE: the amount of keys you’ll get is only for your first try score.
NOTE2: Depending on how much is in my steam wallet, it might take longer for me to get the higher amounts of keys.

yes this is a bounty for in-game items

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Song Link :https://soundcloud.com/smilesmusic9/turbulence

Update: Souk won

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