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Owl City – Fireflies (Said The Sky Remix)

Difficulties Normal Hard
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Appreciate the Hard difficulty, specifically the part where blocks need to be slashed in circular motion, the only arrowed block is the first one.

On some parts of Normal, the blocks go according to the music accompaniment and some parts go with the vocal. The sound of that accompaniment always gets swallowed by the more 'obvious' sounds. Flow when switching up between instrument and vocal didn't feel natural and when I started to hum with the vocal, a few words didn't match with the blocks.

The song itself is good but the map has not quite done it justice. If there's not going to be an Expert mode, this might be a good cool down song especially for a fan of Owl City.

Mapper: Clinterpottrmus

Normal/Hard – (4m 02s)
My first Beatmap!

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  1. Clinterpottrmus says:

    Thanks for all your ratings and tips! I hadn’t known about this site before and it’s been really helpful. The success of this song has motivated me to continue making more. Maybe I’ll come back to it once I feel like I am good enough

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