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Radioactive – Lyndsey Stirling and Pentatonix (cover)

Difficulties Expert
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Reviewed Expert:

I admit I fell in love with the Pentatonix's version of this song the minute I heard it, but that’s probably why I was so skeptical when I went to play it for the first time.

After playing it 5 times in a row, I can let out a sigh of relief, because it’s amazing! Fantastic flow, patterns, lighting and rhythm.

The biggest area that it suffers is in the expert only difficult level and the readability. For the most part, the patterns are intuitive enough that you can still get them when you can’t see them perfectly well, but there is one spot that’s simply very hard to read as the notes become face level for a second. If the visibility score weren’t hurt, this would be a map that I would feature. Hopefully, we’ll see a slightly tweaked update. Overall, fantastic map and a lot of fun if you’re a fan of the original song.

Mapper: tzahrkiya

Thought this would be a good one to do as your technically adding the drums to it with the swipes, enjoy.. hope you guys like the flow of the notes, some really quick bits in it but very much achievable 🙂 comments welcome……

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  1. maybeemae says:

    This was one of my earliest downloads when I started playing and it’s till one of my favourite maps that I keep going back to. Fantastic song choice, I was so excited that someone had mapped this (I personally think the best) version of Radioactive, and this map interpreted it beautifully. Really makes you feel the music. Thanks tzahrkiya!

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