Fayhe Pop

Leaf – Aleph-null

Difficulties Expert
240 36
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Check this crazy map out, guys. Like the mappers said, it is certainly out of the box.

To be categorized as an Expert map might be perfect, but the map charting was far from it. There was a note halfway inside a wall as we were about to hit  it, there were blue notes that come at you in weird angle, and since we can only react at the very last possible second it may even be considered unplayable. Unless, people are willing to repeat playing the song over and over again (which they will because this is one of the first, if not the first map to ever be presented as it is).

Mapper: Fayhe

This map isn’t like anything you have ever played, and I mean that.

Collab between Fayhe, Hexagonial, Moriik and Fayhe’s dad

“Expert” only

Length: -1:45
BPM: 5.928523E
Notes: 388
Obstacles: 41

Mapping: Hexagonial (first half, 28-196) and Fayhe (second half, 196-405)
Lighting: Moriik
Tons of notepad edits: Fayhe
Audio editing: Fayhe’s dad (love you dad!)


Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (2)
  1. Erlend Holst Aakvik says:

    The map in the new update crashes the game.

  2. Bailvik says:

    Map is now broken with the new update

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