OrangeW Electronic

Cash Cash – Overtime

Difficulties Expert
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Quick sidenote right up here, this map was released roughly just an week after mod tools were starting to be a thing, so in my mind, that excuses some things, and makes others that much better.

Here's an overall easy (for the usual Expert player), but a very nice OST style map, with not what i would call a gimmick, but something that made me smile when i played it.
As the lyrics go "Get down!", you have to get down under a ceiling, and it's just wonderful.

It's a high energy song, and the map could have used some extra notes here and there to keep you moving, but at this point that's nitpicking.

Layout is good, no hidden notes, a couple tougher single saber notes at a few spots, but they are very much doable, and are what i'd say raise this map up from the usual Hard difficulty.

If the difficulty is right for you, it's a fun one.

Mapper: OrangeW

Expert Only | Events Included! | 114 BPM

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