My Little Pony the Movie – Open Up Your Eyes

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Whaaaaaaat? Lil Miss Jay, a known pony artist, made another pony song!?

YouTube Vid:

Lotta people hear this song, love it, then hear what it’s from and they’re like “WHAT, EW” lmao

You got GOT

Anyway. So this was actually, at one point in time, my second custom track I ever made, but I had this gimmick where the entire slow section was a crouch segment and it was like 1 minute of crouching and it sucked.

I hated it and never uploaded it.

Today, I finally finished a 100% from-scratch remake with over a year of Beat Saber practice in mind.

So, anyway!


Also yay custom colooooors.

Also, made you look at a pony butt if you watched the video.

You think that dislike is gonna hurt me as much as a pony butt hurt you, boy!? HUH!??

I kid, have a wonderful day, everyone!

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