APervySage J-Pop Pop

Fairy Tail Op 16

Difficulties Expert
192 90

Expert Difficulty Review:

A fantastically fun song with amazing energy. There’s only an "expert difficulty," so be prepared for a challenge if that’s not your normal level.

There’s one really fast fill area where readability becomes a bit of a challenge, but it’s still a pretty readable map considering its fast speed made possible with intuitive patterns that flow well.

Overall, Apervysage has done a fantastic mapping job that fits the song and its energy very well. One of the biggest downsides is that the song is too short and you'll want to hit “restart” as soon as you finish ;-)

Mapper: APervySage

Fairy Tail Opening #16
Strike Back – Back On
Expert Only
BPM: 180
509 Notes

Thanks to the people that helped with feedback and play testing!


More weeb shtuff to come!

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