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Lindsey Stirling – Shatter Me (Advanced)

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Expert+”, “Expert" and “Hard” mode review:

Absolutely fantastic energy! Will make your arms want to fall off, but in a good way (never thought I’d type that sentence). Fantastic range of difficulty levels (a template for other mappers)

This song is an explosion of energy waiting to be unleashed inside of VR. I’m a big fan of Lindsey Sterling and I love the energy and passion that she brings to the song with Lizzy Hale singing lead vocals.


The mapping captures this energy and makes you expend every last bit of it to finish the song. The patterns flow well, though not particularly complex. I thought that some of the bomb use was a little unnecessary. Readability became a bit hard during the chorus, but the patterns are intuitive enough that I was able to follow along. The other readability issue was that a few notes start to wander into walls, but it’s not bad enough to be an issue.

Expert: I didn’t notice much difference in Expert+ and Expert and actually thought Expert+ was easier in some ways because in the chorus, the blocks are spread out a bit more making readability easier.

Hard (easier version): fantastic way to bring the difficulty of the song down while still making it fun. This version doesn’t suffer from the extra bombs and readability issues.

Mapper: stoicblue

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