Maurdekye Pop Rock

Fat Lip – Sum 41

Difficulties Expert
256 45
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This is a fantastic example of a mapper listening to feedback and creating a highly polished end result! Almost every issue in the original review / version has been resolved.

The mapping has fantastic energy and really fits the pop - punk genre of Sum 41 well. The "all killer no filler" applies here even more than the album's name. Maurdekye stripped out a couple slower parts of the song to bring you right to the fun! If you’re at all a fan of pop / punk, I highly recommend this one!

Mapper: Maurdekye

BPM: 98.1
Difficulty: Expert
Lighting: Full

This is a re-uploaded v2 of the song, rebuilt with a fixed bpm, improved lighting, and some modifications to note placement. Also uses the correct cover now.

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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