Sky Fracture VIP (ft. Miss Lina) – Getsix

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Anniversary Team

Ever wondered how one song would look like when mapped by several different mappers in their own mapping style? Then this map is for you! A big collaboration project started by Sykes19, it features a total of 17 maps and 6 unique lightshows, made by 15 mappers and 5 lighters. Special thanks to Getsix for making a Beat Saber edit of his song Sky Fracture VIP ft. Miss Lina!

Mapping Extensions mod required for some difficulties (see below).
ChromaLite mod highly recommended for Chroma colored lights.
SongCore mod highly recommended for custom colors.

1. techbutterfly (794 notes)
2. Helen Carnate (833 notes)
3. Bloodcloak (845 notes)
4. Teuflum (1327 notes)
5. Skyler Wallace (1329 notes)
6. Raxan (1444 notes [found in No Arrows])
7. LEh4nnes (1725 notes [found in No Arrows])

1. Aeroluna (1355 notes)
2. EncodeRed (1390 notes)
3. xScaramouche (1585 notes)
4. CyanSnow (1361 notes [Mapping Extensions])
5. spooky ghost & Skyler Wallace (633 notes [Mapping Extensions])

One Saber:
1. Skyler Wallace (775 notes)
2. Kolezan (793 notes)
3. 219278 (968 notes)
4. 219278 (1104 notes)
5. thelitlewiseowl (1347 notes)

1. Halcyon12 (17,993 lighting events)
2. 219278 – (23,157 lighting events)
3. Skeelie (26,500 lighting events)
4. Aeroluna (29,982 lighting events)
5. spooky ghost (27,387 lighting events, 26,047 walls [Mapping Extensions])
6. 125K Lightshow (125,038 lighting events [found in No Arrows])

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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  1. 샤나DancingShana says:

    It’s a beautiful map. But if you don’t mind, this map is so beautiful. Can I use 2 minutes 30 seconds to 3 minutes of wall in this map? I will never upload the map to beatsaver after I use this wall. I’d like to use that part on the map of the song that I want to make personally and on my own. I’d like to decorate it beautifully. I will never UPLOAD. And I’m not going to give the song to anyone. I’ll use it alone. I ask a favor of you.

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