Todokete Video Game

Death by Glamour (Mettaton EX Theme) – Toby Fox

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
4906 360
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Great map by Todokete once again.

I gotta admit, I've never really played Undertale. Not my kind of games. I found it quite boring, so I only understand the memes from second hand exposure. I'm not a big fan of the OST either, and this one is definitely not my favorite.

Having said that, I still played both Exp/Exp+ difficulties. Both are well mapped and challenging.

I like that in Exp+, the BPM is doubled so everything comes at you much faster. It helps with visibility, makes it more interesting because you have less time to react. Very enjoyable.

Mapper: Todokete

Expert+, Expert, Hard, Normal
Full, Manual Lighting
BPM: 148
Notes: 678 (Expert+)
Obstacles: None!

Fun Fact: Those weird doubles were made with real Mettaton EX poses as references. I felt like putting that in the description because nobody will notice otherwise.

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