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A beautiful shame

When Mapping Extensions wall maps first came out, they reinvigorated the game for many by exploring a new aspect of Beat Saber.  As more Mapping Extension wall maps saturated Beat Saber, a lot of these maps lost their charm and became uninteresting.  This map addresses this by cranking the walls to 11 and taking you to another place.

The map takes you on a road trip at a slow 8 NJS which actually works in this maps favor.  You can see bridges, trees, park benches, bus stops, all the details are there.  It's so much detail that it really brings a sense of wonder to the player.  A truly gorgeous wall map.....tarnished by awful mapping practices.....

The first thing you will notice in this map is that your controllers vibrate constantly.  This is because the intro to the song takes place in a negative width wall.  The mapper should have noted this issue; it could have easily been fixed through the use of mapping extensions by simply constructing the wall with multiple thin walls instead.  For this, I must take 1 point away from Level Design.

Some of the first notes you encounter are overlapping hitbox notes and while those aren't typically a big deal they do set a precedent for the mapping you will encounter later.  As the patterns progress, you will start to notice that the notes are just slightly offtime.  Going into the editor, we can see that all the notes are indeed offtime.  Even further, the song audio and offset was never aligned properly to spawn on beat.  The problem of the map being offtime gets worse as the final chorus plays.  For this, I must take off 3 points from rhythm.

Although 8 NJS works very well for the map, you will notice that there is a lot of overlapping of notes that makes it hard to read them.  Notes are difficult to read due to the NJS combined with the placement of notes.  This issue becomes more apparent in the second half of the song and should have been caught by the mapper prior to release.  This is a huge flaw and for this I must remove 2 points from Pattern Quality and 2 points from Readability.

Finally, there is a bomb tunnel later in the map that is initially a great idea, but ends with notes that essentially overlap with the bombs.  If you full swing at these notes then you will detonate a couple bombs on the way.  This bomb placement brings back memories of Freeek's legendary "hammer hits".  The only way to hit these notes properly is to tap them.  For this, I must remove another point from Level Design.

While the map is truly gorgeous and a joy to play in, all the mapping flaws come in to tarnish the whole experience.  Starting off with your sabers vibrating in a for almost 20 seconds, then followed by a slew of offtime notes, notes that obscure others, wildly inconsistent stacked notes, a bomb tunnel that requires you to love tap notes at the end, and then it ends with stuttering walls at the end.  For all these reasons combined, I must take off 1 point from Fun Factor.  If the walls in this map weren't so good, I would likely give this map a 0/5 in Fun Factor.

The worst part of all of these problems is that they could all be fixed in less than 30 minutes for a vastly better experience.

Final Rating:  3.3 / 5

Mapper: Gevarred



If you are making a video to the level I would be happy if my video is linked in the description, but is not a must.


In order to play the level properly, the following plugins are required !!!
== MappingExtension is required! ==
== ChromaLite is recommended ==
== SongCore is recommended ==

All plugins can be downloaded by ModAssistant

ChromaLite and SongCore are only for the aesthetics! This includes light events and colors. If you don’t want to use the preset colors, set the “Allow Color Override” option under “SongCore” to off.


Difficulty: Expert
Notes: 146
Walls: 4135
Bombs: 900


This level CAN cause performance issues to your PC, especially on lower end VR PCs.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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