Genre J-Pop

Pastel Rain

Difficulties Expert
372 11
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Fantastic rhythm; I loved everything about the track, the patterns, the lighting, the walls and bombs!  A must play!  2:14 - 2:45 is my personal favorite part, but I loved it all!

One of the things that stood out to me the most was how seamlessly smooth transition was between RH starting patterns and being on the strong beat and LH being the same.  The switch between the two and the transitions between sections and patterns felt incredibly natural and made me feel like I was dancing and playing the music, not a game!

Also I loved the preview!  Highly recommend watching it!  Here are the credits:

Mappers:  Kiiro, Chairo, Harufa, NiM, Yamato, hibit, Naru_mori, papero, neko_jita, MM

Director:  Kiiro

Video Editor:  hibit

Server Host:  Yamato

Congrats on your 6th collaboration!

Mapper: teambisei

Mapped by Team “Bi – Sei”
Japan BeatSaber Discord Group Collaboration

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