Mick Gordon – Cyberdemon

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Edit: Based on comments I've been receiving on both YouTube and here, if you're on a Quest, apparently this map will not work for you.

I joked with my friends saying that I've found the perfect song if I ever need to complete a demonic ritual in VR what with the numbers '6' zooming past me one after another. On top of that there's also pentagrams rushing straight into my face.

The Good
I'd like to applaud the thought put into the walls. I can't imagine how much time was put into making that pentagram look good (and it paid off).

The Ehh
Pattern quality was poor but I'm not sure if it was on purpose to represent the chaotic nature of it. It's not too awkward to play to say the least. It felt like there was a vision block by the bombs around 2.22 if you don't avoid the bombs right the first time. Notes are also notoriously clumped together so if you miss a whole strike you might just fail the song since there are more than 3 notes in what would normally look like a 3-across. Like what Milén said in the user comments below, the ending seems rather impossible if you don't know how to go about it. (Hint: Hit it directly in the middle. You can see that there were no misses at the end in the video below.)

All in all, if you are expecting for it to be a visually comfortable map, you are going to be sorely disappointed. However, if you came here for the walls, enjoy!


*Docked points for readability, flow, and pattern quality. Full points for level design on account of the walls as pattern quality would cover the 'note placements'/'pattern' part that would normally be judged under overall level design. However, given the nature of the map, I'd say the ratings here are irrelevant and it is entirely up to your personal preferences.

Mapper: CyanSnow

Rip and tear


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Comments (12)
  1. lexarvn says:

    FYI, I got it working on the quest. BMBF doesn’t allow custom values for “_beatmapCharacteristicName”, so I manually changed “_beatmapCharacteristicName” from “Lawless” to “Standard” in the info.dat on my computer, then copied the folder over to the custom songs folder in BMBF using sidequest, launched BMBF, clicked on tools, then click on reload songs folder button and viola! Song loaded into the playlist section fine

    1. Mr_Mania says:

      I did that and the song shows up in the custom songs section, but the place where it shows the name and the play button had a swirling circle. Anything else you did?

      1. Tom Goodman says:

        Same problem, song shows up and plays the preview in the custom levels section but the info on the right side window doesn’t load and I can’t start the level.

        1. jpblood3 says:

          If a song is stuck on loading that means it requires the Mapping Extension mod, which you can download here: https://bsaber.com/oculus-quest-custom-songs/ (you have to scroll down a bit). Just use BMBF to install it and then enable it in the mods tab in BMBF

          1. lexarvn says:

            Yeah, thanks for pointing that out, I forgot to mention I had the latest version of Mapping Extension mod installed. I guess I just thought that was a given since a lot of songs don’t work without it.

  2. Trogtor says:

    The fact that the ID of this song is 6666 can NOT be a coincidence

  3. Luke Gagnon says:

    Any reason it wouldn’t work on Rift CV1? says its missing a plugin? I do not have this issue with anything any other songs.

    1. Luke Gagnon says:

      Cancel that. It just started to work after i added some more songs. weird tho.

  4. MnTrue says:

    This may be a dumb question, but it says I’m missing extensions. Is there a mod I’m forgetting? I’m on HTC Vive.

    1. MnTrue says:

      Never mind, there was literally a mod called “Mapping extensions”. It was a dumb question.

  5. wandre54 says:

    doesn’t work on Quest

    1. Vause says:

      I am not a Quest user, so I’m not sure how modding is like on that headset. Are you able to install a plugin called Mapping Extensions? If yes and the map still doesn’t work, I will modify my review accordingly to reflect the info you’ve provided ^-^

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