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Taylor Dayne – Original Sin

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Mapper: stormknight

This song is the end credit song for the 1994 movie “The Shadow,” starring Alec Baldwin, Ian McKellen (not knighted at the time,) John Lone, and Penelope Ann Miller. While not a charting song in the US, it is a favorite song of mine. The movie, while not doing well, gives the feel of a pulp novel/comic, and The Shadow is one of the definitive pulp heroes. The Shadow himself is one of the inspirations for Batman cited by The Dark Knight’s creator Bob Kane. The movie has become a cult classic.

The song was written by Jim Steinman, who has written most of the songs performed by Meat Loaf, among others. His works are known for using epic level sound and beat line, which I feel make them appropriate for the game.

The song is colored in the colors that were used in the scheme of the movie, which I thought appropriate. Green, grey, blue, and a soft white are used for the environment and notes: Enjoy!

Mapped as Expert
Time: 6:27
Total Notes: 1617
BPM: 97, with variable speed for beginning and end
NPS: 4.19
NJS: 14

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