drb Electronic House Pop

Rocket League x Monstercat – Glide

Difficulties Hard Expert
542 488

Reviewed Expert:

Rocket League usually chooses some good music in their game and so I got excited when I saw this one. Unlike most times I get excited about a new custom release, this song turned out even better than I hoped!

The patterns in the song are what keep bringing me back to play this one over and over again. They’re so damn fun. They’re some of the most unique patterns I’ve played in Beat Saber yet and they all are still very readable and flow. They remind me of some of BennyDaBeast’s patterns where you move your whole body a bit more (left arm over the right side in a satisfying way, etc.)

Not everyone will be a fan of the song (it sounds like the Dave Matthews Band broke in a club and started playing sax over what the DJ was playing (my wife didn’t like it at last). But I think it’s brilliant and the patterns are some of my favorite Expert level patterns I’ve played yet. Highly recommend for any fan of BennyDaBeast song’s or just well mapped expert songs in general!

Mapper: drb

Difficulties: Hard / Expert
BPM: 134

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