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Toraboruta – Kokoro (ft. Kagamine Rin)

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Mapper: WeldonWen

Epilepsy Warning: Lighting and wall placement might form uncomfortable flashes

Song name: Kokoro
Composer: Toraboruta-P
Vocal: vocaloid Kagamine Rin

Easy: NJS 10 | NPS 1.11
Normal: NJS 10 | NPS 1.58
Hard: NJS 11 | NPS 2.22
Expert: NJS 13 | NPS 3.12
Expert+: NJS 16 | NPS 4.45

If you want to search up the lyrics of the song, or you already know Japanese, make sure you have some tissues ready.

This is the second map I have made, tried hard to follow the mapping guides from BSMG Wiki. Hope you enjoy! 🙂
Also, feel free to make your own map for this song.

Map in action (Expert+):

Shout out to these play-testers from BS Discord who play-tested my map:
*Kival Evan | uɐʌƎ lɐʌᴉʞ
*Helen Carnate | Plushie Queen

If you enjoy my work and wish to donate, the option is here 🙂
Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/WeldonWen

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