Prototyperaptor – Awe

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The prototyperaptor goes GRRRREEEWWFFF.

Sorry it's hard to come up with a witty headline.

I think we should take a moment to think about the mappers and in this case Rustic. His first map that everyone knows about (Believer) has pretty much set up a golden standard for custom maps. The game had only been out for a week or two, and he had already managed to capture the essence of what makes a great map. When your first work is of such a high quality, you unfortunately set up expectations for the future and it can't be easy for Rustic! I just wanted to say thanks for making the game better by spending time mapping.

Anyway, about the song! Oh boy where to start? I'm not sure why I don't play this one more often. The more I play, the more I realize it's fantastic. The patterns are really good and make you feel the music. Rustic has done a great job with variation on the main pattern so you don't get bored. And man, when that beat drops, I can't stop myself from jumping about with the beat and just lean into the hits with my whole body. Maybe it's because of the song itself, but I think the mapping complements it perfectly.

The one sour note comes from the quiet parts where nothing much happens (wall section), but then if the song is having a break, you can't do anything about that. This song is still a must play.

Mapper: Rustic

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