You Don’t Want Me (Crystal Skies Remix)

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Mapper: tranquillizeme

My first wall map! On top of having walls, it also has Chroma lights!

You have a few options for playing, you can view the lightshow with or without walls, and you can play the map with or without walls.

Here’s a video of the walls and the lights 😀

I did the whole map myself, but of course, I had some help from the lovely people on the BSMG. Thanks Kival Evan, Dni0, JENNAexe, Aeroluna and necrospook_ for the testplays! And also, another thanks to Aeroluna for helping me fix any bugs with the metadata for my map 🙂

PS.: Beatcore, one of the song’s artists, also released a new EP today that is really good! He’s super unknown so go check it out on YouTube and Spotify if you get a chance. He’s really talented 😀

You Don’t Want Me (Crystal Skies Remix) – Beatcore, Ashley Apollodor | 130 BPM | Expert+ Only (With and without walls) along with Lightshow and Lightshow/Wallshow | Fully mapped with custom lights and walls


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  1. mrglubby says:

    Epic walls and lights!

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