Noble J-Pop Video Game

Utada Hikaru – Simple And Clean (PLANITb Remix)

Difficulties Expert
49 113

Simple and Clean is an interesting map, at the very least. There are a few issues that prevent it from being truly rewarding or satisfying to play, but that is not to say it does not have its strengths as well.

First let's go over the negatives: readability is a big issue here. Often there are eye-level blocks making it harder to anticipate future notes, and in a few places there are notes hidden behind a wall. But the most severe issue here is definitely the rapidly alternating walls: in a few places there's barely a blocks' width between two walls, forcing the player to weave back and forth way too quickly to be comfortable.

On the other hand, the patterns here are pretty fun to play. They adhere to the song well, and are varied enough to keep players engaged for the duration of the track . However, there were still a few places where it was awkward due to repeated down-facing blocks. Some patterns felt novel but not gimmicky.

Overall I would give this map a try if you enjoy the music, or if you really don't care about close walls. Otherwise I would give it a pass.

Mapper: Noble

Expert only. No Lighting. Hope you enjoy!

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