1.2. Dance Pop

Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue (Kole Edit)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
1317 52
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Mapper: Kolezan

For no reason at all I was reminded of this old song one day, so I decided to check it out and it sounded like it would fit Beat Saber well, so I mapped it. It’s mapped in the same dancy style like Jazzotron – Let’s Go, so hopefully it fits the song.

Audio edits include less repetition in the early part of the song, custom intro and outro.

Caution when uploading to YouTube, as the song will get the video blocked.

Preview Video:

BPM: 126
Duration: 3:23
Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert difficulties:

245 notes, 14 obstacles, 0 mines

308 notes, 14 obstacles, 0 mines

468 notes, 14 obstacles, 0 mines

632 notes, 17 obstacles, 0 mines

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (2)
  1. spicytuna says:

    You make really good ones!!! and good song choices

    1. Kolezan says:

      Thank you, Spicytuna! ^^

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